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Master Thesis:
Exploring shape-change for sustainability inspired by ecosystems

*Everything on this page is an original image/prototype/illustration or render made by me : )


The project aims to investigate shape-change to promote sustainable behaviour and sustainable surroundings using inspiration from natural ecosystems[44] and more-than-human thinking[37] [4]. First, I will explore and make sense of these topics through a literature review. I will revisit rich embodied interaction theories through the lens of sustainability, post-humanism and system thinking. Then I will act on a shape-change approach with ecosystem-inspired and more-than-human principles in mind. I will validate the process by taking a research-trough-design approach, working with other disciplines, and conducting expert interviews. I have worked on this in collaboration with Amolf, Studio van Dongen, UNstudios and Artez. Based on that, I will present examples that either use the theory for sustainable shape-change or use shape-change to explore the theory. One that explores soft robotic pouch patterns and how this shape-changing technology can responsibly use materials and energy sources. I will shortly describe the other project that examines the beech tree as a non-human participant, utilizing biodegradable materials to transform shape through moist actuation. I will conclude this process with a rough model of the role of shape change in the context of sustainability.

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Ecosystem-inspired design

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