Arnout Ulenberg

Charlotte Bording

Ernesto Buñuel García

Luuk Goudswaard

We worked together with The Safety Network, they have a passive infrastructure of safety products throughout many different buildings. They asked us to do something that utilizes that and makes it not passive anymore.

The product following from the project is a capsule that can be fixed to the products of TSN and is equipped with data from movement, noise, temperature and air quality sensors.  That data is collected with an IOT connection and an app translates that into the information that fits the costumer and building.

3D printed model by Arnout Ulenberg

For this project we took an approach of going to different kind of stakeholders. We went to their companies, experienced their working environment and gained different types of insights regarding the technicality, the possibility and the need. 

An overview of what the app could look like