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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, two problems have arisen. Students lack 1) social opportunities and 2) motivation to maintain their schedules, e.g., studying or relaxing, as their work-life balance disappears. Thus, we designed a social companion robot, Bulb, that helps people cycle through daily activities with subtle cues, i.e., light, gaze, and movements. Bulb’s “head” would light up with different colours, or it gazes at different parts of the room, e.g., at the laptop to hint at studying or wiggling to suggest a small break. Five interviews after at-home use indicated that participants who experienced Bulb as a “living being” were more responsive to social cues, like following its gaze, resulting in a higher awareness and follow-through of their schedule. Our contribution is in designing a social companion robot that subtly persuades people through light and anthropomorphic social cues, helping them maintain their daily schedule during the ongoing pandemic.

verloop in fusion.png
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