What if our products could move like how flowers grow? Bloomn is a steering wheel that is able to bloom open when the user wants to drive him/herself and fold in to devolve in autonomous mode. The steering wheel can help the user to drive more economically by communicating if the driver dives too inconsistent or over the speed limit. It communicates this by expanding a little bit, creating a slightly more rough surface, 

the steering wheel is at that point is stress and relaxes if the driver drives efficient. The Steering wheel is inspired by the AVTR concept car by Daimler. It is a car completely inspired by the futuristic movie Avatar and focuses on the way the creatures in the movie are connected with nature. Bloomn is aimed at the path in time towards the AVTR, for when autonomous driving and the technology is not completely possible yet.

This project is done trough an extensive exploratory process that mostly included origami and different materials. The process was very organic in the way that every step is inspired by the prior steps.

Hover over the explorations

A way to open the center 

An expandable surface 

A possible model?


Remaking that model with foam board

Too weak

Based on other origami

Too organic 


But a pretty movement

Layer 3.png
Layer 11.png

Too weak

Too stiff

Hey this works

Layer 4.png

How to get this  round in all states?

The right movement, strong enough

A 3D simulation that works simultaneously