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To reveal something

This is a colour shifting pattern that came out of the explorations out of project 1: OpenUp. 

I find this very aesthetic because it move really simultaneously reveling a very expressive colour that is hidden behind it.

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What creativity and aesthetics meant for me was expressing myself in art, especially in drawing. And I was decent at that thus I focust on the other expertise areas. I was not really aware that creativity was my motivation and that I could use that in my advantage, as a tool to learn from the other expertise areas. 


How I look at it now is broader. to me creativity is about being able to create ideas that stand out and are ingenious while also answering the design question.

Aesthetics to me can be something that is just pretty, but it can be less obvious. Something can be aesthetic because it fits very well, or because it is smart or because it evokes a meaningful emotion or moment.

The first time I did a project with that as the main spirit, was project 1 OpenUp. A project in witch we had a vision of clothing that could adapt to human needs such as body temperature. The search for small mechanisms began resulting in various patterns that could reveal something or change shape. From there new ideas arose that we would have probably never thought of. The same holds for my Final bachelor project. The freedom that I gave my self in exploring what I found interesting has resulted in a project that I am proud of.


I am excited for the future, I feel like I have found a description of my vision and identity that I stand behind and that I have not written because I thought that that was wat people wanted to hear.

There are so much more possibilities to search for and now that I have an idea of what works for me I don't feel lost.

To surprise with a creative solution

This is a marble machine made for the course exploratory making. The assignment was to make a marble machine from cardboard without using any glue or tape.

If there is an opportunity for it, than I like to include a small joke in my design. Simply to bring a little joy.  

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To create something engaging

For the course User Centered Design we were assigned to create a health related product with a user centered approach. We wanted to make children familiar with the 5 basic food groups(de schijf van vijf). 

Here the creativity was very simple. We wanted to create a fun environment that did not felt like learning. Here we created a tiny digital world with a tangible remote that looks noting like a regular remote, but we were able to make the interaction understandable. 

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