I think that design can bring meaning to new innovations, it can create stories, new ideas, spark minds and it should make live a little bit better. 

Designers need all the experts they can get, we need to be able to communicate with them to understand them and to make our ideas understandable to them. I think that it is very important to make them understand so that they can and want to help you. I do that trough visualizing and prototyping.

Design is a tool to bring ideas in to the real world, in the way that it becomes a product, a service or a concept we can make art that you can use.

It is also a way to bring knowledge together.

To me, design is merging different areas together, finding inspiration from unexpected places, for example how Daimler made a car based on a movie, how the microwave came from science and how NASA uses origami principles in their rockets()()().

I think we can learn much from trying to make new ideas work, staying humble an being playful. 

Personal Identity 

Hi, I am Charlotte, a designer from the Netherlands.

My intrest lies in the path of making ideas tangible and derive new inspiration from every finding you encounter when you walk that path. I want to create a moment, something special in its own right.

As a kid I was a dreamer, I wanted to be an artist, I drew al the time and went to a high school were art was supported. Throughout this time I started to feel like art was to vague for me and got intrigued by mathematics and physics and how the world could be described and understood by numbers and logic. 


Today I am still a dreamer, but I want to make the things that we can only dream about real. I am inspired by as many expert fields as possible, namely by art, by science and nature. 

With my design I want to spark joy, inspire new ideas. I value craftsmanship, knowledge and beautiful creative things. I find designing very humbling,  because you get exposed to so many things that you don't know because you get to work in many different knowledge fields. It is amazing to see what is out there. There are endless possibilities, the challenge is to find them and to find the best one, it is a puzzle that has to be solved. The creativity is in the approach to solve that puzzle.

My approach is emerging myself in the subject and start early with making. I go back and forward between literature(what is out there?) and hands on making(how does it work and feel?). I will have ideas spiral into all possible directions, no limitations. I will cross creative boundary if necessary, in order to test and find options, trial and error. Because how can we know what we want if we don't know the options? From there I will narrow it down to the best option and finalize it into a working concept.

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I Draw too..


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